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How the Divine world is arranged?

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Vova met an eagle in the mountains

Vladimir Pyatibrat and a selective brief overview of his "Deep" teachings or otherwise - the Call of the Multifaceted, the Call from the Abyss, the Light of Satan's Day, the Fire of Prometheus. Nuances from the Civil Code about MEN and VOMEN. Information for those who are looking for V. Pyatibrat. Videos and useful links. The scale of the spontaneous growth of fans and followers of the "Deep Book" of Vladimir Pyatibrat is growing. Only registered persons in social publics more than 20 thousand people, and there are also unofficial followers who do not want to shine in a network strictly following an example of the guru.

Vladimir Pyatibrat and the lunar divas

In the photo: Vladimir Pyatibrat fell under the rule of the moon divas

Who is this mysterious Vladimir Pyatibrat?

Vladimir Pyatibrat is an engineer, historian, writer, scientist with a broad outlook of knowledge, as well as a misogynist. Once Vladimir had an unsuccessful marriage with his wife (this is from his own words from his video interview). And so, against the background of all research and comparison of failures of interaction with women, he began to prove to himself and the world that any woman is a contagious messenger of God's evil (according to the Civil Code, our local God is an evil character, a pest). Since then, he has vowed never to marry and breathe air close to women. Vladimir is an involuntary father of the new religion - The doctrine of Deep Information, as the author of the cult "Deep Book" (GK). Hence the spontaneous development of the Deep Doctrine in the masses. He did not plan to create any teaching, but only to enlighten, give tips to other people for self-improvement and remove the blindfold. But what came out came out.

Pyatibrat V.

About himself author of "Deep Book" personally does not remind about about 2005. He no longer arranged any meetings with readers, did not write new books that would be widely known, and did not appear in any videos. Previously, Vladimir conducted active public activities, recorded informative interviews with himself, often communicated with followers at the once existing Internet forum "Path". Now anyone can try to find archival records and clones from this forum left after the harsh moderations of the time. Since then and now, every little thing, any random word dropped on the Internet indirectly from Vladimir is immediately selected by followers, systematized and stored as a valuable relic, reminiscent of the living presence of Pyatibrat in the Internet world. The last at the moment that is known about Pyatibrat, the message was left by Aliene on forum from March 24, 2014.

Quote user Aliene on forum

I was listening to a broadcast from Global Wave, and when it came to the middle, suddenly one inventor mentioned 5brother. Like, they say he found our Vova on some secret phone found on the Internet or something. So the inventor immediately began to shake about the Google conference with him, to which the inventor Alexander replied in the negative. Like, do not bother Vova, this phone, which was found - the only connection with him and that Vova himself is very busy and rides to conferences in real life in the south, does not sit on the Internet. And to be released in about a year. Vova breaks off all connections, hides, encrypts as a true crypt, and if you turn on this phone, it will not be. Indeed, the information on the Internet about Vova Pyatibrat is no longer the last freshness, and the inventor Alexander is perhaps the only person today who last talked to him and who can be asked. The connection between the inventor and the 5brother occurred on the basis of the invention and work in the field of high voltages.

Pyatibrat V.

5brother needs to get a million volts to make him a plasma shirt. Therefore, by the way, Alexander as an inventor and found himself. It will be very interesting to know the continuation of this whole story. The brother-in-law himself is a mysterious person. They were already digging under it. Nothing was dug up. There is nothing on the Internet, not even his middle name. Habitat - Gelenzhik. He looks young, although he mows under 40 in words. He pretends to be a scientist who has joined in all fields of science. Type knows a lot and experimented a lot. But this does not inspire confidence in people with critical thinking. Volodya isagrees, and a lot, but the essence of his story and the idea set out in the book is very similar to the truth. However, such approaches are now in vogue in the 21st century. To come up with all sorts of fiction so that the very essence is picked up by the masses. If you give dry information without fiction, then no one will pay attention to it. The trend is clearly such.

DB - Deep Book

«The Deep Book» is written in an artistic manner with elements of psychological influence, but at the same time carries in itself real researches of Vladimir and forces to think of various habitual things.

One of their artistic prototypes of the Civil Code was the Soviet novel "Moon Rainbow" by science fiction writer Sergei Pavlov. Thank you for this information to the reader of our article. This novel consists of two parts: "On the Black Trail" (1978) and "Soft Mirrors" (1983). Hence the name "Moon Rainbow", the concept of the quarantine zone, the motives of the abilities of superhumans, the fog of oblivion and other things. A summary of this novel can be found on Wikipedia and see some analogies. It is possible that the points of contact of the two works are much more, but for this you need to read "Moon Rainbow" from cover to cover both volumes, which the author of the blog is lazy.

Despite the obvious borrowings from the work "Moon Rainbow" by science fiction writer Sergei Pavlov, GK remains a very interesting book and is recommended for self-study several times. There is a lot of information and all sorts of details in this work that cannot be grasped with a single reading. The book also contains specific information and concepts that you do not want to agree with, in particular about women (the author of the article believes that men are not much better). However, despite this, the Civil Code has quite sane information about the current situation of familiar things.

Pyatibrat V.

It is believed that it is impossible to read the Deep Book just like that, even if you really want to. Something will distract and distract from reading it. There may be a sudden urge to quit. It is advised to sit on a lean diet without alcohol and sex for about 5-7 days before reading the GC. Also, something will cover the mind of the reader and he will sometimes not see even 70% of the information embedded in the book. With repeated reading and observance of the post, it is eliminated. A book can awaken a consciousness that will awaken a conscience. All these measures and warnings are valid for any other information-rich book, if such ideas were not previously known or caused distrust.

The author of the blog vbrat expresses his opinion that GK sometimes tells us something directly, and something allegorical, and something completely invented for artistic presentation. Nevertheless, among all this, a rather controversial one was found, and quite often only one side (part) of some phenomenon or question is revealed. But all this can be noticed and learned only by checking and researching everything yourself. And what and where - the seeker must determine for himself, a couple of years of delusion you are exactly provided. And if you honor the Civil Code, and fanatically dismiss all alternative points of view, then you will become a terrible inadequate, which among the followers of deep teaching is full.

Pandora Project

The story of how the first humans on Earth were captured by native aliens through the first Pandora Woman. They were degraded in mortals by multiple unnatural births from a woman with progressive genetic defects (mortal - born of woman). Some men have been mutated into females through bacterial infection. Before that, it is believed that there were no women in nature, there were only perfect people, asexual angels - mens.

Cult of the Tour project

A system of distorted knowledge, propaganda, and substitution of history with appalling revelations. Otherwise, an alternative or parallel story with its own particular bias. One of the main universal evils is the ruler of our planet, the god Yahweh and his angelic retinue. God is simply one of the angels' names, infected by another's form of life, deprived of honor, that is, of genetic purity.

The war is not over. The Last Battle is coming. Without realizing it, we fight every day for our souls. Acting with honor, we make a choice in favor of good (creation) - it is always harder.

Pyatibrat V.

Prometheus Project

The story of the immortal Savior, the Messiah, Titan, Dennitz, Satan, Lucifer and others, who is in a lethargic dream after another roid attack somewhere underground in the area of Gelendzhik. According to legend, the day and hour should come when the Hero will wake up from centuries of sleep and defeat all the invaders. And then all people on Earth must be cured of genetic degradation and become human back.

The Cradle Project

Description of some summary measures and technologies for obtaining a protective electro-plasma shirt that hides the exchange from the action of Destiny or the eye of the Lord (the Moon). This also includes all passive and active devices, clothing, building materials and other shielding the body and home of a person from the maximum radiation.

One of the devices is something like a room made of a material that does not transmit any kind of radiation from the outside, as well as shielded by the strongest electromagnetic dome from the same radiation and uninvited guests. Inside the room is a special coffin, in which a man (man) must lie down and arrive there for a few days. During this time, all bacteria, viruses and fungi, all mucus and biological impurities must leave his body. The physical body must also be completely rebuilt and covered with a protective energy jacket.

Project "7 keys of the rainbow"

Part of the Cradle project. It is a nutrition system that restores self-control and human health (mena), consisting of 7 stages of gradual refusal of food to the stage of water with honey or pure alcohol. It is impossible to be constantly on the 7th stage, it is necessary to walk constantly on keys up and down, without touching the 1st red color. It is recommended not to sit on the bottom key for more than 7 days. The key course itself should be held only once every six months. Otherwise the destruction of the body, disease and death!

The human body works for self-destruction. You need to know how the body should work by default to notice and understand this.

Pyatibrat V.

Nuances from the Civil Code on MEN and VOMEN

In general, it is very blasphemous, probably, to contemplate a written article about Vladimir by a woman. For any woman, according to the Deep Doctrine, is a monster in the human body. Moreover, it enslaves people (men, men) by intoxicating the latter through bed and food. It is believed that a woman sucks all the energy juices out of the men to prolong her life and not let the men come to their senses and sober up from the darkness and smoking by female bacteria. It is also believed that women are generally the root of all evil on Earth, and the cause of the genetic imperfections of the current version of humans.

The Deep Book tells us that there are no real people on the Earth's surface for a long time, and it is inhabited exclusively by humans. And the title "Man" still needs to be earned, by laundering genetics through abstinence from food, doing the right things, the right thoughts and using technological devices from the Cradle Project.

According to the Deep Book, a primitive man or person must be immortal, tall, slender, asexual, have blond hair and blue eyes. There should be a special hoop with a glowing green star on Mena's head. This hoop protects from a terrible many centuries-old scourge - the Moon Call, generated from the Moon by the invaders of the Rhodes (spacecraft Moon Rainbow). The lunar call is the electromagnetic radiation shielding our planet to keep human civilization in the primitive of development and obedience.

Talks about the future

It turns out that a modern man should not touch, sniff a woman, should not eat food prepared and touched by her, should not have sex at all. "Depth with a woman, it's like a vegan carnivore." I must purify my genetics through food austerities and special technical devices, unite with other brothers, isolate all the women in the colony so that they can move there naturally, and of course save the world from invasion. Also, by restoring myself, I must achieve the restoration of my protective energy cocoon - a shirt that passively protects the body from any external influence on its mind and body. Only offspring raised from a test tube and preferably without the participation of a female egg need to reproduce and pass on knowledge.

Unfortunately, all this joy is not available to women. However, the author of "GK" in his videos says that a modern woman is a young man who mutated after the launch of the "Pandora" project and is a cripple (wo man). To some extent, he (she) is subject to purification, too. This is the task of a man's mentor who sympathizes with the woman. A woman can be saved only through a man, otherwise she herself is severely poisoned by alien bacteria and will not guess how to do it herself.

Much of the negative about a woman is also due to the fact that she allegedly has a hereditary relationship to the Valkyries or our Villas and Fairies. These are squads of flying women combat killers. Hence the word "Division" - diva, maiden, maiden (demon), i.e. this is the ancient name of a group of fighting girls. You can learn more about this in the "Deep Book" itself. Also, if you search the Internet for these characters of the legend, you can find a lot of interesting things if you know what to look for. In general, a woman is a potential obvious or silent killer.

Pyatibrat V.

For those who are looking for Vladimir Pyatibrat

Once had the opportunity to communicate with a insider who is relatively close to Pyatibrat. From the conversation, and simply comparing what is known, the following conclusions were made, some of the statements of the anonymous person are given verbatim.

The author of the DB regrets that he wrote his book. It was written to find certain people to work with and they were found. Later, the deep teaching was abandoned by its creator and began to develop spontaneously. After reading the Civil Code in the world, generation after generation of various fanatical inadequate people who misunderstood the meaning of the Civil Code began to grow with a geometric progression. They do not want to see shortcomings in it, nor are they biased in conducting their research and research. In this regard, apparently, at the request of Vladimir himself, rumors were spread on the Internet that he had died, died an unknown death, and so on.

It hurts the author of the Civil Code to look at what grew on his bright idea to reveal to people some unconventional truths. We can say that he regretted that he wrote and popularized the Civil Code. He does not want to be looked for by all sorts of fanatical schizophrenics and impressionable young men who have barely read the GC 1-2 times. Do you know how many? There is a lot and everyone needs to find Pyatibrat and be sure to join him, shake out all the interesting information of the same type or give their special secret knowledge.

What happens to the readers of GK is not a consequence of the fact that the author pushed them to do so, but their own impurity dictates sinful tendencies to them.

Pyatibrat V.

If the author of the in-depth doctrine wanted to say something else or give people in public some experience of his team, he would have done it a long time ago. More than 10 years have passed since 2005! He works with his chosen team and apparently does not want to be touched. He also does not want to share new discoveries and revelations! It is believed that all the interesting, necessary and useful will be revealed to us when the imprisonment of the messiah is over. Apparently, without this protection it is not drawn. This means that this may not happen in our lifetime.

Practical should not be a theory with esotericism, first recheck your research, and only then can you systematize them, otherwise it's just "demonic obsessions".

Now there are very extensive and useful knowledge and research bases, so to speak, "true depths", but the anonymous person refused to give addresses and links. Everything that we find and explore ourselves, most likely they have for a long time. However, it was customary to remain silent and keep it in a small group.

We read the same information, but only Vladimir can understand it in depth. Volodya has an absolutely extraordinary approach to all aspects. In order to understand what he wrote, you need to get to the heart of the process and know the basics.

Pyatibrat V.

What to say

It is recommended seeker yourself to read the "Deep Book", despite the controversial points that stand out on the Internet "Deep". At the very least, the book helps to shift the focus of perception to our world and start thinking in a different way.

DB lately just dragged followers on quotes, there are many videos based on this book. Mostly "True Depths" are males, usually misogynists with conspiracy paranoia. However, it is worth saying that sometimes not groundless, but hypertrophied. Be careful and have a healthy critique when reading such literature. In any delusion there is truth, in any truth there is a lie.

Pyatibrat V.

Proponents of some of the ideas of "Deep Information" are calmer, adequate boys and girls. They know how to filter information and know when to stop in time for their paranoia. Both with a fading heart and in anticipation are still waiting for the public return of the precious and already legendary author - Vladimir Pyatibrat.

Reviews about Pyatibrat from Trekhlebov, Strizhak, Kungurov and Julie Po

Raised with his Gods, horns, bulls. Trekhlebov - I have not read the Deep Book. I haven’t read it, I have met in a slip, speaks well. slippery answer. A charlatan will not betray a charlatan. Don't stop people from earning money. So many sick people in one video - you have to try!

Yes, I noticed a long time ago that in all kinds, mysticism, esotericism, tele-kinesis, subtle and astral bodies, as well as in fictional (often by themselves) Gods - they believe in 98% of persons with Semitic genes ... This is just like some kind of evil fate over them, which does not give them a minute of peace, and they, like crazy (or crazy, without how) fanatically spread this cerebral infection, sometimes without any measure. Humanity, we need to do something about this. One of the forms of business, do not bother making money on archaic creatures. Each from his own bell tower rings in his own way, and that would not quite work out to eat.

Seven Keys of the Rainbow - Purifying Power System

Cradle Project. Vladimir Pyatibrat. Source: Deep Book and Pathway Forum. The Cradle Project is a combined set of influences described in the Book of Depths, plus a sheltered, quiet place where the Plasma Shirt is the main, but not the only factor. A prepared body in a plasma cradle is screened from the all-seeing Eye of God (Moon), electromagnetic, torsion and other radiation are blocked in the all-frequency range. The body becomes invisible, like a UFO to radar. These are Rainbow, high voltage, drugs including antiseptics and other factors. The topic covers an experimental project to heal people using high-voltage technology and medicines. The premise is the version that a person is contaminated with viruses, bacteria, microbes, fungi so much that he can be considered as a new biological species: "man + his parasites". The purpose of the "Cradle" program: to protect a person from the influence of parasites, to create unbearable conditions for them when they simply leave the body; supplying the body with a sufficient amount of electricity to ensure such work of the brain, in which it is able to independently control the body's systems, including autonomous ones, to solve its problems. When applying the Cradle project, the work of mitochondria is gradually blocked, potassium-sodium ion membrane pumps are activated. Cell implants, lysosomes and other rubbish cannot destroy a cell without commands from outside. Control of cells is transferred from the remote server to the internal DNA "screw". The genetic apparatus is rebooted using a vacuum "screw" - a capsule that is at the end of the genetic helix of DNA, is tested, the antiviral utility searches for pseudogenes - retroviruses, replaces them with normal genes or temporary insert genes. The cells lose specialization (deferinization), switch to intranuclear control, become universal stem cells, the immune and hormonal systems are dismantled, myriads of swearing creatures (about 13 kilograms) leave the body with urine, feces, mucus up to 70% of water. The electrical activity of cells increases by orders of magnitude, the coronary aura extinguishes around the body, an aura appears in the body without a discharge - a thin blue film a millimeter thick, the charge density per square centimeter reaches trillions of volts - such a shirt does not burn, does not cut with a sword, it does not take a bullet, and so on Further. The main task of preparation is to prevent the shock complex from triggering (microbial protection against escape), to prevent mitochondria and lysosomes from killing cells, to prevent nanites from damaging brain neurons, there are many tasks.

In the household version, this nutritional complex allows you to effectively fight for your health, longevity and independence from the microbiological complex of Destiny. This nutritional system, with hygienic procedures and antiseptics of plant and synthetic origin, allows you to correct homeostasis. It allows you to lower the hormonal status of the body (reduces vulnerability to the weaker sex, both in men and women), makes it possible to effectively resist the body's immune system. "Keys" allow to reduce the activity of microimplants (mitochondria, lysosomes, macrophages, lymphocytes, etc.), which enhances self-regulation and self-defense of the body at the cellular level, enhances the regulatory functions of the brain, instead of the automation built into the body. "Keys" allow you to observe your body and reject food poisoned and modified by enemies, by trial and error. It allows you to feel various additives, microbiological invasion from the outside (for headaches, fermentation processes in the abdomen and other factors, this does not normally happen). The system allows you to get rid of drug, tobacco, alcohol, sexual addiction and much, much more. The system was created with the expectation of being used by ordinary people with ordinary willpower, of any nationality, gender, and place of residence (with rare exceptions). The system is partially automated, so my recommendations are not difficult to follow and it is difficult to make a mistake if you follow all the instructions. A little about how the "Keys" work: Most of the generally available food on the planet, I have divided into 7 groups. They are divided according to their chemical composition and, accordingly, according to their frequency-amplitude characteristics (according to their dominant components). Food groups broken down by these characteristics are based on 3 types of food: 1 - acidic (red), 2 - alkaline (green), 3 - carbohydrates (blue). These types of products, with their resonance frequency and chemical composition, correspond to a certain color. For example: Acidic foods correspond to - red (red), alkaline - yellow-green (yellow-green), carbohydrates - blue-violet (blue-violet). The full range of products by frequency is represented by seven resonant (frequency-amplitude) groups. They are identified by the seven colors of the rainbow: Everyone (red) Hunter (orange) Wants (yellow) to Know (green) Where (blue) Sits (blue) Pheasant (purple). These colors of the rainbow correspond to the range of sound: Do, re, mi, fa, salt, la, si. From these chemical notes, the "Seven Keys of the Rainbow" music is created, which your bodies have not heard for so long. When eating foods from red to violet (from "to" to "si"), the amplitude decreases and the frequency of metabolic processes increases and the chemical composition of substances involved in metabolism at the cellular level changes. The body temperature gradually decreases, oxygen consumption by mitochondria, the content of nitrogenous compounds, various salts also decreases. (Then their level is automatically maintained at the optimal level, subject to the nutritional standards). In the body, in the process of using the "Seven Keys of the Rainbow", the consumption of carbohydrates grows, nitrogenous compounds are released, microbes, viruses, chemical pollutants drop out of the intracellular resonance with them, acids, excess oxygen, water are released.

The water content in the body can drop to 30%, while the body weight can be reduced to 15 kilograms, without changing the optimal volume, if you have already come to it. Such changes, I and my friends, felt in the early 90s in the process of experiments, when it was possible to temporarily disable the mechanisms of inhibition; homeostasis, immunity and other chains. With the current adaptation system, this cannot be achieved without additional measures. ✫ The body begins to recover, millennia of involutional processes determined by implants (clan ferments and viruses) fall out with breath, sweat, urine, feces and other secretions (many microbes swear and squeak a lot). The electrical activity of the brain increases, the iris of the eyes turns blue, the activity of other cells in the body also increases, national and sexual characteristics recede, the world around you gradually becomes real and alive. Cleansing the body is global at the cellular level. Cellular metabolism is changing towards simplification, moving away from the chemical mitochondrial energy supply based on primitive heat-electrical reactions and ATP marasmus. Electroionic and electromagnetic energy gradually begins to dominate in the cells of the body, with rare replenishment of carbohydrates to replenish carbon compounds (carbon is necessary to capture neutrons from the surrounding space). With the maximum action of the system, regeneration of organs occurs (regrowth of previously lost legs, arms, eyes, teeth and other trifles is observed), this will happen when using the "Cradle" program in full, but in many people, similar phenomena can be observed to a small extent even with using a truncated version of the system (such phenomena have been observed repeatedly). ✫ This system has been tested in different countries, on different national groups of people. The main, primary approbation took place on me and my friends in Russia, Belarus (in radiation-affected zones), then "Keys" were successfully used in Poland. I am grateful to the priests of many Catholic parishes and ordinary residents of this wonderful country for their assistance and assistance in promoting and popularizing the "Seven Keys". From here, from this country, my ideas flew into the world, partially realized in the film. "Matrix". I appreciate it; doctors, biologists, scientists, writers, journalists and artists of Poland, for their help in my difficult work. ✫ Usually, on the autopilot of Destiny, a person lives from conception to death (his cells) from purple (autotrophic metabolism due to carbohydrates) to red (heterotrophic metabolism due to foreign proteins). On this, red color, a person lives most of his life, on which he dies (this is where you need to have iron health, so much to live on the brink of death!) I tried and suggest you try to reverse biological time and aging, of course, like me I have already warned that the effectiveness of the "Keys" without the complex is not great, but even in such an application, the system previously allowed to work real miracles ...

Influence of microflora on human consciousness

My text is about the capture of our body, about those very parasites, from the astral plane, whose bodies live in us in the form of bacteria. What is surprising to me is that when I look for people who KNOW about this and try to save themselves, I cannot find anyone. The only one who talks about this is V. Pyatibrat. I have never heard anything like this from anyone else. I want you to read the article and share your thoughts in the comments.

I noticed how much a person changes for the worse during his life. The reason for this is the strengthening and increase of pathogenic microflora. At some point, it becomes an entity with a collective mind, hostile to the collective mind of human cells. In ancient times, the essence of pathogenic microflora was called a demon, a worm, a larva, a mask, and many other names. Gradually, the cells of this larva are incorporated into human cells and take the shape of a human body. Every year there are more and more of them, the body of the larva grows, and the human body is thinned out, as the number of healthy cells not affected by parasites decreases. And now, there is no longer a person - one solid creature that sits in the brain, and in the bones, and in the muscles. Well, in the digestive tract and even more so. Your hand is no longer yours. She reaches for a cigarette, a glass and a piece of sausage. And shoves, shoves ... into your mouth no longer.

When I went to my mother and saw in her eyes not her herself, but this very larva, I felt so scared, horror! My mom has changed completely beyond recognition. In her youth, she was different. We laughed a lot, she was cheerful, rarely scolded and criticized me, was interested in healthy lifestyle, tried to lead a correct lifestyle. Gradually, by the age of 50, her character became more rigid, critical, categorical. Mistrust and even hatred are often seen in the eyes now. The mind has become less conscious, dull, subject to fears and influences, beneficial and beneficial to the creature living in its body, and not to itself. Nothing is interesting, he doesn’t believe anything good, complete pessimism and psychological preparation for death. The only joy in life is to devour.

The worst thing is that exactly the same thing happens to me. Before, I was a very passionate creative person, cheerful, fearless, optimistic, loving people. Gradually, the pathogenic creature in me grew and took possession of my mind. Fears, depression appeared, appetite and love for cooking increased.

When I was young, I did not like and did not know how to cook. Thanks to this, my daughter did not overeat, walked forever with an empty stomach, but did not lose heart and always found herself interesting activities. I intuitively never bought her candy, soda, chips. I considered fruit a delicacy for her. Over time, I realized that it is an empty stomach that is the most reliable protector of immunity.

Once in 2010 I ended up in the Gelendzhik dispensary. Almost all vacationers were elderly people. We were fed 5 times a day. The food was plentiful and delicious. Lunch consisted of 4 courses. My devil of gluttony in 2 weeks fattened, grew, overcame critical mass and took over my cells.

The most interesting thing is that I used to be able to restrain my appetite and not overeat, but surrounded by elderly people, amazed by the extreme degree of gluttony, my ascetic energy was not enough. I ate food with everyone in such quantities that I had never imagined before. This is what mass psychosis means. My body became shapeless, my stomach became sick, and my mind became sleepy and clumsy. Gathering the last remnants of my mind, I left for Poland from this serpentarium of larva with the firm intention of putting myself back in order. But ... it wasn't there.

About five years have passed. During this time, with varying degrees of success, I have won a victory over the alien entity, which I so imprudently grew in my body. The severe bulimia that became attached to me in the sanatorium has not gone anywhere. Only retreated a little. Eating every other day helps me especially. A firm decision to eat every other day calms your appetite. For 36 hours, the larva goes into hibernation, since there is nothing else for her, and I enjoy existence without her.

The pathogenic essence that lives in the human body does not protect its health. She doesn't care about his life and interests. She slowly and surely devours him from the inside, repels any pleasant and useful events for him, and attracts only what she needs and the environment that she likes, that is, the same possessed people. But the worst thing is that the larva is capable of making a person crazy. Almost all people suffering from obsessive psychosis, mania, multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia are demon possessed, that is, a pathogenic entity. All wars and crimes are committed by demons living in us.

My wish to everyone who has not yet managed to acquire a powerful alien mind, who is still relatively young and free from its pernicious influence: be prudent, do not go to parties, holidays, weddings, do not take vouchers to rest homes and sanatoriums. Do not go where a huge congregation of demons in human form eat, drink and pretend that they are having fun. They can turn your brains inside out so that you will not notice the substitution - you were a man and suddenly ... became an entity, a pathogenic microflora, and you are rapidly approaching withering and death.

The modern meaning of the word Lyarva is a ghost, a mask, a disguise, compare with modern Italian. Larva - larva or Latin Mascus - ghost. In ancient Roman mythology, Lyarva is the soul (spirit) of a deceased evil person.

In ancient times, the mask and larva of pathogenic microflora had related semantic connections. And I will also tell you one secret - a clear example of how time replaces concepts. This very larva used to be called the soul. And the word stuffy meant smelly, fetid.

Dear and beloved by me, everyone striving for the 7 keys of the rainbow, vegans, raw foodists, starving people! Especially beginners. Good luck in your aspiration and endeavors to be yourself - free and happy!


I decided to sit on some coconuts and coconut milk to clean up, not really hunger, but a kind of restriction. 3rd day I sit from the first day all over my body, acne, and today on the third day I woke up at 3 in the morning with a full feeling that I was rested and full of energy, but there was a distinct taste of mushrooms in my throat, as if I had been eating them raw all night and a coating on the tonsils and tongue, I was certainly shocked, I did not expect this, I decided to have breakfast, I eat mostly raw food for 80 % I feel it suits me, I don't eat animal products, yesterday I wanted terribly sprouted green buckwheat and chia seeds, in the morning I did so (chia smoothie, also with coconut milk, and buckwheat) but what a surprise it was when I was literally turned away from this a couple of spoons and I realized that I didn't want it, just chia seeds and buckwheat are quite slimy products and I was disgusted with this mucus, tastes changed in just a couple of days, I decided to abandon these products because apparently it was parasites demanded mucus, I will continue cleaning I do not want to stop, I think about 2 weeks to sit on coconuts and dietary supplements, and also added antiparasitic herbs and fiber from today to cleanse at all levels.

What a great post, how exactly everything is described! Well, the habitation of the essence, are these vile larvae and demons through food? This is impressive. Well described. Yes, people seem to be substituted with age. I know people like that. And yes, you need to be attentive to yourself, all changes occur imperceptibly, today you allowed yourself something insignificant, and tomorrow you have already descended so that it is already impossible to rise. I think this woman knows even more than it is written .. There are just crazy frightening things to say just does not work. I am very glad that someone besides us noticed this and posted it in free access.

I read the comment. I fully agree that poor nutrition feeds the pathogen and affects consciousness. In my experience, only intermittent fasting combined with a raw food diet has given me back a healthy mind and awareness. Before, everything was like a fog, and everything went even to mental disorders. I found the reason mainly in the type of food. And radically changed it. My stepfather used to love to eat, as he came home from work, at which he was very tired, because the work was traveling, but he always came in a great mood, it was worth a hearty meal (as they say: first, second and compote)) he immediately turned into evil grumpy man who urgently needs to lie down and watch TV and chew something .... when I ate 3 times a day, after eating, too, I was in a state as if the brain was turned off. I completely agree. I experienced the same, even self-discipline didn't help. The only thing that saved me was the antiparasitic cocktail that Valeria was giving. Thanks for that!

Vladimir Pyatibrat about Fate

Vladimir Pyatibrat. Deep book. The moon is captured. Earthlings under control. Installation "Destiny" on the moon. The guy is a genius. But it is very much "wrapped" on the matrix. There are many of them, the film is really interesting. But this is hardly true.

From his point of view, we can easily explain the Cossack rescued, a few people, that is, a person and who are disconnected from a long feedback with the moon, begin to acquire a real speed of movements, reactions, there is no this long slow ping, the same with rare people occurs in critical situations, when you need to survive and the connection with the moon does not allow you to do this, it turns off and a person is able to raise a reinforced concrete floor in order to save a child, return in an emergency.

The Truman Show.

How to quit smoking - Vladimir Pyatibrat

At the vbrat.ru forum, Volodya Pyatibrat tells his way to stop using tobacco in cigarettes. A new method to get rid of a bad habit.

How to communicate with you face to face, brother ... You turned my whole life upside down, opening my eyes. I am so grateful to you. GK read it as fantasy, for the sake of reading. The most interesting things began to happen later ... It was not for nothing that Pyatibrat said that this is a dangerous book that can cut with the deep human genome. It looks like you need to reread the Civil Code sometimes. Yes, I need to get rid of smoking somehow. It will be more useful if you study real science and psychology and not books about healing with magic protection from damage.

The Savior came long ago and no one understood or accepted him. You can talk a lot without meaning. Bird talker word set. For what? So that others will appreciate and distinguish him with the highest rating from others. ) What can you talk about with ants !? You can give them sugar. The one who has cognized the Truth is silent, he does not need encouragement, compliments, appreciation and attention of people. Love is not looking for Love !!! People imitate: love, family, friendship, happiness, Wealth ... because they do not have it, but to show others that they supposedly have it by playing a role and multiplying the poison of envy in others. The lodge rules this world. If you sow lies, you will collect the chaff. That which is valuable is always hidden, is not put on display, why !? If you give an ant pearls, pearls mean nothing to him, but if you give him food, he drags him into the hole or fights with the same. Struggle for territory and food. So what is the difference between humans and ants? Truth makes you free.

When this voice speaks, I don't even want to listen. Is it really impossible to shoot a video live with a real head. I don’t believe this voice. You can't trust anyone now. So many lies on the internet.

Where did Pyatibrat disappear to?

Where did Pyatibrat disappear to? This is the most popular question. The five-brother made a wave that resonated with our human genome. You can't wait for help, only from the external savior of Titan, this hope is used by parasites, giving false saviors at the right time, each of us has a Titan. Five brothers indicated the gates, but they must enter themselves, this is the meaning of the teaching. Maybe there was not any Five Brothers, but there was Prometheus himself, who takes any form, such as the "Fifth B (c) Rat"). Re-read the GC sometimes as the routine sucks in.

Well done brothers, that you continue the work of Vladimir Pyatibrat! Let there be more and more of you! I really look forward to when a man will be saved, so that we, who wants to be a woman, also receive salvation from infection ... Prometheus and Vladimir Pyatibrat are our salvation !!!!!!

Is Reich's Cabin an analogue of the Plasma Shirt?

I understood everything. There is no five-brother as such (and there is a deep book) ......... CREATOR you are a GENIUS !!!!!!!!! And these idiots wanted to deceive you (as a human being, I feel sorry for them), and the gray ones got mixed up ..... When you will wash them so that we don’t know about it ..... I ask you ..... otherwise let's climb to defend ourselves as always for them ...... I think the CREATOR you will hear us Igor RymarIgor

The struggle of civilizations: Russian and Jewish?)))) Maybe, maybe ..... And in them, according to your logic))))))), even in the struggle of small sub-adjustments (?)))))): female and male. Only in Jewish civilization female prevails over male, and in Russian - on the contrary. (Oh, just don’t argue, I’m just generalizing). And if you consider that a woman is more inclined to the carnal, and a man to spiritual, - everything in its place.)))))) We, the Russians, are still fighting with ourselves, having forgotten where we started)))))) The main thing is that war allows you to remember the soul, overcoming the flesh. And the biblical elected materialization: freedom of matter over spirit with the help of the Internet (antichrist?) PS forgive me for answering your comment about two civilizations here.

Conspiracy theorists do not believe Pyatibrat

And smoking, of course, is the lot of the sleeping.))))))) They, when awakening, do not know what to occupy the "empty" space in time. With deep reverence. Vera Ivanova

Women have few human qualities - Pyatibrat

Let's figure it out, based on the above, where we live, that everything is crumbling, what happens, we are mortal slaves and our brain is destructive, and it does not live for a long time in this mortal body, and we are used by immortals, and they are really trying to achieve structuring of the world in to such a game where we are born and die, born and die, what kind of game is this, really there is no alternative, aging and feeling this aging is hard, as I try not to use pain-relieving structures, it came, as you say, not a second of relaxation. Up to this point, and then even harder. Is it possible to stand still, gain strength, and then move on, or simple equals relaxation and everything will be lost. You should probably try it on yourself. If only there was no trampling in place, or even worse, trampling in a circle. Well, let's take a look.

And all sorts of nanites' leavens, nanorobots and the influence of the moon is so funny for me, a free person, some moons nanites and leavens cannot control. I have never tried to surprise or convince anyone, my personal observation, when you realize yourself, when you control your attention, you live your mind without templates and do not fall for fashion and other people's opinions, and you analyze the information yourself, you don’t believe anyone’s word here and freedom begins, and again, my personal opinion and I'm not trying to convince anyone.

Manipulate those who allow it to be manipulated, if a person is conscious and thinks with his own head, then you can't manipulate them, and all the cases are of no problems). Yes, how much can you shit in your ears on behalf of Five Brothers. Does anyone remember him saying this? In my opinion, this is all the discreditation has already gone. I don't believe what the Five Brothers said! He has been gone for many years, this is some kind of invention, a kind of scum. Yes, and the book has already been reprinted several times, the original has to be found in the afternoon with fire, because only nothing came out of the copies. From here I will not be surprised if there is about the approval of eating small children, etc. chapters appear.

This is called sexism, this sick Five Brother, how was he born ?! And the robot reads disgustingly! Diz! And your mare's delirium. This is how mother's sons reason, they are always manipulated by women. You have 50% female energy + 50% male energy! Clear ? And it was a woman who gave birth to you! Your mother ! And when you scold women, scold your mom! I do not care about my mother, I hate her and if it were not for the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, I would have failed.

Turn the Moon - Vladimir Pyatibrat

Let's continue to remember the Deep Book of Vladimir Pyatibrat. Prometheus left the Lunar rainbow, flew to Earth. He began to equip a high-quality human world. The envy of the Gods. Life is the ability to store electricity. Body perfection.

Artificial intelligence Cairo. Fairy tales of slogans. Moon orientation system. The Moon Key appears. Turn the hut Moon back to Earth. Prometheus Satan. The skywalker began to turn, we saw the other side.

Hartman's grid - Vladimir Pyatibrat

The earth is filled with energy. There is no energy connection with a person. Feedback.

Sails. Excess energy. The Hartman grid throws everything away. Rest your foot on the Earth. Carburetor on a moped.

There is no discharge and the motor does not work well. The pump sucks in. Zero filter resistance.

Iron Sky 2 - Vladimir Pyatibrat

Above the blue sky, there is a golden city. Long ago, we arrived on this Earth after a long journey. Our ship was badly damaged. We found a planet with air, water and life. My brother was the leader. A new species of primates has appeared. And then I did something. The apple was eaten by two monkeys, Adam and Eve. Hastened evolution. Paradise was doomed.

Sound range - Vladimir Pyatibrat

You're locked in the range of sound. Acceleration of hearing. I am lying on the bed and through 3 floors I can hear the neighbors. The sounds are superimposed and a standing wave is formed. Sound at the airport comes out of nowhere. Dolphins, cats, butterflies, insects, squirrels. You are meat, you are nobody, you are slaves!

Stars and planets are three-dimensional, round. This is an unforgettable experience. Heart rate 1-400 beats per minute. Body temperature dropped. Low 18 degrees Celsius. Frost appeared on the body, the water froze in the hand.

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About women - Vladimir Pyatibrat

space parasite avatars

Today I will tell you about the sleeping bodies of an avatar and space parasites - about women. The ryaba chicken is not a bird, a woman is not a man. Kura is the Moon, a damaged spaceship covered with soil. Women are not at all the second half of men. These are monsters in human-like bodies . They mimic, become like the species that they devour.

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In-depth information 1 - Vladimir Pyatibrat

God Yahweh man from heaven

Slovens have no gods. They are free. People have gods. Man interacts horizontally - anarchy. Wheel of Samsara - 8 blades, cutter, trail Mount Nexis is located 5 km from Gelendzhik, near the village of Svetly. Dmitry Vereshchagin, the theory of karma, is not in the know. Coronation of Vladimir to the throne in Moscow. He is the executor of the Marshall Plan program.

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In-depth information 2 - Vladimir Pyatibrat

inside the moon

And what is there on the moon, a viral laboratory? Not only. The moon is a closed world with a large number of destroyed cities on the surface, infrastructures, houses, buildings. A huge amount of scraps of people is lying everywhere. Cannibalism of lunar inhabitants. The moon is covered with earth's soil on the surface. Soil from a depth of 3 km, poured from the Earth to the Moon. Old images of the moon - shiny, polished.

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In-depth information 3 - Vladimir Pyatibrat

aura sieve

If a person is awake, then his coronary flow is low. If he falls asleep, it increases. I feel bad in the morning. All living things glows. People, they burn like a torch because they die every second. There is only a contour aura around the Magi.

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In-depth information 4 - Vladimir Pyatibrat

starter cultures microorganisms

The main thing here is to have a sense of proportion. The blood-brain barrier of the brain is destroyed in a short time. The brain is a very thin device, you cannot knock on it, you cannot put a cigarette into it, they need to eat less often.

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In-depth information 5 - Vladimir Pyatibrat

the chip controls life and death

All around us is full of energy. Its incredible amount. We are a closed system, into which not a drop of this energy gets. This problem is brought in by mitochondria - is the chip that controls life and death. Shock conditions, loss of human consciousness, is observed as a result of a lack of oxygen.

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In-depth information 6 - Vladimir Pyatibrat

the sea is worried once

What is the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Are there two or is it one? The tree is one. There is a tree of life. This is folklore. The ancient world is based on one tree. The ancient world from the word tree. This is a complex of concepts. You will not find anywhere what it is. I have in the book you can freely find what it is. There is no secret. A tree with roots in the sky hugging the moon is lost among the stars.

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