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5G is the fifth generation of mobile communications operating on the basis of telecommunication standards (5G / IMT-2020), following the existing 4G / IMT-Advanced standards [1]. Telecommunication standard of next generation communication.

5G technologies should provide higher bandwidth than 4G technologies, which will allow for greater availability of mobile broadband, as well as the use of device-to-device modes (direct connection between subscribers), ultra-reliable large-scale communication systems between devices, as well as less latency, Internet speed 1-2 Gbps, lower battery consumption than 4G equipment, which will have a beneficial effect on the development of the Internet of Things.

World of the fifth generation - Prokofiev

5G, or the fifth generation of mobile networks, has suddenly become the subject of conspiracy theories. All over the world, people are setting fire to 5G towers and discussing the conspiracy of the largest corporations.

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5G destroys body cells

Mobile communications lead to oncology - facts and irrefutable evidence. All materials are given under the video by links - press the word MORE and the links will open! Official data and all documents! Everything for our good! Put 5G in every brain!

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Guys dismantled the 5G tower

In the Moscow region, one of the 5G cell towers fell due to a hurricane. People decided to take it apart. There was a sharp whistling in the ears. The comrade lost consciousness, the dogs whined, the birds flew far away.

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Death of WiFi Neutronic - Tyunyaev

The law on smoking has been passed. And people don't feel WiFi, DNA mutation is taking place. We did experiments. The endocrine system takes off. A person at the end of the day is just a vegetable. The problem is very serious.

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How do you feel about 5G?

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